Easy Password Manager

Easy Password Manager

EPM is password manager for teams. Made to be secure, fast and easy to use for cloud or self-hosted deployment in companies of all sizes. Share all credentials needed for login to any resource with your team. Track who accessed which credential, so you can prevent information leaks. Passwords can’t be lost anymore!

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Cloud or Self-hosted password manager solution

EPM Cloud 99.99% uptime

Main features

easy password manager epm help teams

Created to help teams to easy collaborate and share passwords

Group and private passwords

easy password manager epm secure access

Secure access to EPM platform - all connections are encrypted with strong AES-256 and RSA encryption

Secure vault for passwords - all passwords are stored encrypted

easy password manager epm tracking

Track all activities of users to prevent information leaks - when user access EPM, which data they are accessing, from which location they access...

easy password manager epm easy manage

Easy manage to which resource user has access

easy password manager epm groups clients

Group resources/passwords by clients, groups and tags

easy password manager epm implementing

Helps you in implementing ITIL guidelines and ISO27001 standards

Web agencies have many people working on lots of different projects (web design, SEO, content creation, social media marketing) for different clients. Project sensitive data like CMS passwords, FTP access credentials, Twitter/Facebook users is normally shared between these companies and their clients.

These companies manage thousands of passwords, codes, access credentials and sensitive data for hundreds of customers. All this critical information must be shared among different technicians of the company (who are normally on the road or on the customers premises), as well as by their customers.

Dedicated in-house IT departments have one to many people working on them, usually with the help of external service providers like hosting companies, it support companies, and the like. They all collaborate on lots of projects with sensitive data (server passwords, pincodes, …).

Solo web workers rarely work alone. Besides their clients, they also collaboratewith other freelancers that complement them with other skills. So, a typical website project, for instance, may be shared by an SEO, a web designer, a programmer, a social media marketer, and of course, the client. All the password data associated with a project must be shared among all the people involved.

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